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Magic Sessions

Fairy Portrait

Become a magical being and create beautiful storybook worthy art featuring you or your family. These sessions include access to a wide variety of props, costumes, and a one of a kind planning process that will help you arrive feeling confident and achieve a final product you love.


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Magic Sessions are all about letting your imagination soar. Fae fanatics, mermaid maniacs, pirate pals, and all may be interested in this experience.



One client per session will be doted on. Hair, makeup, and clothing are all part of the magic. We will create memories and artwork together that you will remember for the rest of your life. The end result will be tangible artwork for you or a loved one. Whether you have something in mind and we go off of that, or you'd like me to design and storyboard and we can take that leap together, the journey will be a wonderful tale all about you.



Our epic tale begins with planning session(s) to ensure a wonderful portrait day. We will talk visions of all sorts, logistics, and time-frames. Together we will compile a list of shots you would like to have happen, where you'd like to hang the art in your home, and who you would consider giving artwork to as a gift.



Ninety minutes of portrait time will be provided after up to two planning sessions before the event. Early arrival is key to getting dedicated time to get ready before it is time to get in the frame, so approxomately a two hour block of time is provided in total. We may determine at our planning session that you need more time to get ready.  Then we will begin to make the magic happen! My goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible during your session, and to create something beautiful with you.



Before you go home, we will go down our list to make sure all of your wishes have come true in the realm of portraits and posing. It is important to me that you leave feeling confident and excited to see our masterpiece! We are creating art for your home together and this will be important to you and yours for years to come.



A Grand Reveal is your next appointment with me. Behind the scenes I will have done all of my post processing. This means culling any repeats, retouching tones and skin, and in general making sure each and every image is a magical memory to behold. At your reveal, you will receive a complimentary flash drive when you place your art order. This will have beautiful optimized pictures for your social media, and any media you have purchased separately. Additional flash drives may be purchased as gifts for friends and family. You will get to view all your portraits in a slideshow on a large display, then I will help you pick and choose and build your order of wall art and prints that will fulfill your needs. Your package includes a large discount on pricing to be used at this particular appointment and will not work at any other time so I'm sure you'll want to place an order at your reveal.





Finally, I will deliver your wall art and prints to your home. If desired, I will assist you in hanging them on your walls or wrapping them as gifts. You will also have an opportunity at this time to book your next session at member cost. Your membership lasts 365 days from the day your wall art arrives to your home. You may use your membership for your own portraits or to buy a session as a gift. This is my way to make sure your magic continues to be captured.

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